Auto Dealerships Improve CSI Scores and Increase Customer Retention

Would you rather know if a customer is unhappy BEFORE they go, or after?

Powerful On-Site Solution

  • Quickly increase CSI scores!
  • Painlessly identify unhappy customers before they leave and resolve their issues on the spot!
  • Decrease negative comments on social media and manufacturer surveys!
  • Steadily increase repeat business and enthusiastic customer referrals!
  • Easy to integrate with existing dealership sales and service processes!

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The tablet with CARS CSI at the cashier has been a CSI lifesaver! Before, when we would do an “active delivery,” the guest-writer would say the guests were happy. But when the survey hit we found out different. They were not!!!!

With the tablet giving me real time information, I can save the guest and the survey before they leave the store! We are seeing a night and day difference and our scores have reflected the change!

We always fought to get CSI above Western Region. Last quarter we were above Region, Zone and National! (All of the other Chevrolet stores in our area are well below region, zone and national.)

I would recommend this system to anyone who is SERIOUS about CSI/retention!

David McMahon
Fixed Ops Director
Momentum Chevrolet
(27 years of large Chevrolet dealership experience)

Wouldn’t You Like to “Know Before They Go?”

CARS CSI “Point of Experience” survey tool is the industry leading customer experience survey tool. It captures Customer Feedback before customers exit and provides instant Auto Alerts by text or email to designated Dealership Managers so they will “Know Before They Go” that a Sales or Service customer is unhappy, dissatisfied, or feels they had an unpleasant experience.

Why would you want to do this?

  1. It provides an unprecedented opportunity for your dealership to “Fix the Customer.”
  2. Prevent a failing OEM CSI survey, a poor online review, or bad mouthing the dealership to their family, friends, and co-workers.
  3. Stop the almost certain defection to your competition when they are unhappy or dissatisfied.

It’s all true – No Hype or exaggeration!

Quickly and affordably implement CARS CSI in your dealership to dramatically impact customer interactions with unhappy customers.  Turn these unhappy customers into positive sales and service experiences, get more of them to return to your dealership, and generate more referrals for more business in the future.

We have cracked the code on how to dramatically and quickly improve your CSI scores and increase customer retention, and thwart bad reviews at your dealership.

We are seeing fast results for our customers:

  • One of our first customers, a California Metro Chevy dealer saw their SSS score rise 12 points in the first 45 days after implementing CARS CSI.

  • Another new customer, a Carolina Metro Honda dealer, raised their CSE score 6 points in the first 30 days and went from 85 to 91.

About Us

Performance Management Associates, Inc.
Evans Bridges, President
Charlotte, NC 28216

What is behind CARS CSI?
Evans has over 40 years’ experience in the automotive business running all size dealership, from small to the highest volume Chevrolet dealership in the nation, which at the time had 280 employees, selling 5,000 retail vehicles, 2,500 commercial vehicles and 3,000 used vehicles a year.

He built a reputation for being able to take underperforming, unprofitable stores with poor sales, negative bottom lines, poor retention, and poor CSI and turning them around.

In recent years he has been transferring his know how and expertise to help other auto dealerships across the country to do the same, working with well known companies like Van Tuyl/Brookshire Hathaway, Auto Nation, Penske Automotive, and many more.